Tiregom.co.uk : tyre comparison tool

Tiregom.co.uk : tyre comparison tool to buy your tyres cheaper

What is Tiregom ?

Tiregom is a tyre comparison website, which makes you buy your vehicle tyres cheaper. Tiregom references the number 1 tyre salers from the internet, offering thousands of deals.

The website is currently being developed, and has been thought and designed expressly for the internet users and tyres salers. Therefore, Tiregom will be able to assure appropriate information on your research.

Tyre research

Here are some filters that you will be able to use on Tiregom to check which tyres fit on your vehicle :

  • A research by the size of your tyres : width, height, diameter, load index, speed index.
  • A research by vehicle : select your vehicle, Tiregom will give you all the corresponding tyres.
  • A research by models and brands : Select directly the brand and model you would like to buy.

Advanced research

Other filters will be available to edit the most appropriate results :

  • Season : Winter, summer or all seasons
  • Tyre type : regarding the type of vehicle, tourism (car), light truck, 4x4, agricultural, trucks, motorbikes and quads.
  • Runflat: If you want tyres that resist to the effects of deflation when punctured
  • Reinforced : If your vehicle needs reinforced tyres (XL, Reinforced, Extraload)
  • Delivery : if you need your tyres quickly, some salers can deliver your tyres in 24h - 48h - 72h.
  • Fitting centers : you can select either to send your tyres to a fitting center near you or to have them fitted in a mobile fitting center.

About "Tiregom" comparison website

Tiregom will propose a "tyre guide" in which you will find folders about the tyre domain. How to check the tread depth of your tyres, how to read the information on the slope, why fitting winter tyres and much more.

Some tests will be done each season on different tyres to help you choose the best ones, because all tyres are not equal in quality.

A news blog will be available to follow the top news, because even if this subject is very precise, there are a lot of novelties in this domain. The law changes, the standards and various other things change too. Stay informed to be well equipped.

You don't understand the acronyms found on your tyres? We understand! That is why Tiregom will add a lexicon with all the information you need to understand everything. Some tyres are approved by the auto brands, you just need to know them. With Tiregom you will be able to find out this information in a few clicks.

Tiregom is developed by companies who are specialised in tyre, comparison and price domain. The best skills are united to create for you a relevant website to buy your tyres cheaper through the internet.

Tiregom : 20 avenue du Neuhof - 67100 STRASBOURG - FRANCE
Tiregom is a brand name registered at the INPI under the n° 4172780, on the 14th of April 2015, for the class : 12, 35 and 38, by Jonathan Luck.