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Are you looking for the best quality/price ratio to buy your summer tires? You've come to the right place! Here you will find tips on how to choose the right summer tyre at the lowest price thanks to our tire price comparator. Simply indicate your size above.

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What is a good summer tire?

What is a good summer tire?

Is it the price that makes the difference?
Yes and No.
The profiles of the major manufacturers remain a key factor in the guarantee of trust. But especially rely on the tyre tests. They will give you the certainty of making the right choice.
Here are the ones you should be careful about when choosing them:

  • short braking distance
  • good grip on wet and dry roads
  • lifetime, longevity

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Which brand to choose?

It all depends on your driving style, but you have a choice between 3 categories of tire marks : Premium, Quality, and 1st price.

If you drive a lot, opt for Michelin, with the range Primacy no. 1 in longevity. If you are looking for the best grip, the range Potenza of the Japanese Bridgestone is for you Hankook offers the erasers Kinergy Eco which are designed for ecology and fuel economy. The German Continental with its tires ContiPremiumContact, often recommended in comparisons, will allow you to reduce your braking distances on dry and wet surfaces Dunlop offers sports gums with the Sport Maxx, known for incredible handling.

If the puncture haunts you, the runflat tires will be your best ally.


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When to buy them?

If you tend to buy your car accessories in stores and car centres near you, you probably tend to wait for the promotions and summer sales.
By ordering your tires from an online tire site, it's like having a year-round sale during the summer season. You are thus free to choose them quietly, without pressure from the tyre seller who would try to push you towards his brands rather than the right ones.
And so the best time to choose them is mid-March, just before the change to summer time and the end of the winter season.

Where to mount the tires?

Whether it is in permutation with the winter tyres when the temperature becomes warmer (above +7°C), or during a replacement due to wear and tear, you will have to go through a assembly center. You should know that when you buy your in-line tires, you can have them delivered to the garage of your choice, in 24/48 hours and it's not more expensive! On some sites, you can even take go directly to the internet.

Count about 15 € per passenger tire (car, SUV, 4x4) in a garage and 20 € in home mounting. Installation time 30 to 45 minutes.