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Do you want to drive safely in the winter season? The winter tyre is the most important car equipment for dealing with cold temperatures (below 7°C). Drive safely with cheap snow tyres that you have found by indicating your size above, our tire comparison will do the rest. Need help choosing them? Read our tips below.

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Why install winter tires?

Why install winter tires?

We tend to want to keep our summer tyres when it snows little or not at all in his region. This is a big mistake in terms of safety! They are more effective on wet pavement, cold, snowy or icy :

  • the adhesion is better because the rubber does not harden with cold weather
  • braking distances are reduced
  • there is less risk of aquaplaning

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Which winter brand to choose?

If you live in an area where it is cold in winter period or in mounting choose a Premium or Quality brand.

Nokian is a brand specialized in Nordic tires, recommended for driving on snow with their contact tires and studded tires Michelin offers the range of Alpine for harsh conditions, Bridgestone the range of products Blizzak for good handling, Pirelli with the erasers Sottozero, Cinturato and Scorpio to combine safety and performance, Continental with their line WinterContact Information often 1st of the comparisons thanks to their good adhesion, Dunlop with the Winter Sport and Winter Response for their excellent wet braking.

Consult the winter tyre tests to find out which models are the best for your vehicle.


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When to buy them?

The best period remains early September. You are returning from holidays, you are preparing for the start of the school year, just add it to your list to start the recovery. And this is the period when the price of snow tires are the lowest.

With Tiregom, no need to wait for the balances or the promotions, the rates are the lowest every day of the year. And have you thought about the 4-season tires ?

When to mount them?

Winter tires should be mounted as soon as the temperature rises below 7 degrees Celsius. Don't wait to make your changeover, it's a rush to the assembly centres as soon as the first snowflakes appear!
The best way to keep it in place is to start from the principle: winter time = winter tyre.